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...a reflection caught in the eye of the subject...

Thank you, Bonney MacDonald, for the following philosophic moment!

I am inspired by a reading recently shared among the Amazing Women of Zapata 2016, entitled “The Sow in the River” by Mary Clearman Blew. Reader’s Digest version synopsis, this reading was basically about trusting memories…that is, whether things we remember, and the way we remember them, are really the way we think they were. “As memory saves, discards, retrieves, fails to retrieve, its logic may well be analogous to the river’s inexorable search for the lowest ground. The trivial and the profound roll like leaves to the surface. Every ripple is suspect.” An interesting dilemma to distinguish between what are memories and what are dreams…and the discernment of an individual as to what really was the truth.

More often than not, we chose to remember things the way we want them to have been, or the way we perceived them to be, whether an event was a dream or whether it was indeed fact and real. The wonderful thing is, for our selfish reasons, we can and do indeed chose, and then retell stories the way they are stored in the rippled and tendrilled tunnels of our minds.

I love to figuratively describe photos as captured moments and memories. Funny thing is, sometimes when I’m taking a picture, and forming its image in my mind, I end up being surprised when I finally look at it on the big screen and realize the actual photo is different or includes more than the image I fixed in my mind. The actual image reveals things I neglected to notice with my eye through the lens….an insect hidden in the folds of a flower…scars on the face of the magnificent antlered buck….a reflection caught in the eye of the subject. Such surprising little things often transform the captured image into something more, or at least something different or more special, than was the original intention of the photographer. The photo becomes “indifferent to the emotional context I have framed it with.” I cannot deny what is proven to me to exist there in that photo….although it was not the way I had envisioned it through my lens or in my mind…or the way I had dreamed it. But the captured image does not permit me to deny what was actually there on the other end of my camera lens.

Thank goodness for photographs. They reveal undeniable truths we may have overlooked. They reveal secrets we may not have seen. They capture moments and dreams, whether the way we remember or envisioned them or not.

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  1. Bonney MacDonald
    Posted July 8, 2016 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

    I just LOVE this entry — both the close-up photo and the beautiful text that goes with it. Page, you really have taken Mary Clearman Blew’s piece and run with it, adding your own twist. Your interpretation and explanation of how and why photography taps into our memories and stories — into moments, right? — is inspiring. Thank you so much for all you do and contribute!!

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