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The Eyes Have It

Our ability to see, and capacity for vision, is limited and defined by the physical constitution of our eyes.  Complex organs of our bodies, made up of rods and cones, retinas, lenses, photoreceptors and corneas, eyes provide us — and animals — with vision, the ability to receive and process visual detail.  Eyes detect light and convert it into electro-chemical impulses in the neurons of our brains.  But the eyes are so much more.  They are windows that allow others to peer inside our souls and which reveal emotions — happiness, sorrow, joy, fatigue, excitement!

When I am photographing and observing animals in the wild, I watch their body language.  Mostly though, I look at and watch their eyes.  The eyes of animals are true – they don’t lie, and you can learn so very much about the animals by carefully observing them.  As William Shakespeare once stated, “The eyes are the […]

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Goose Train

A native North American species, Canada Geese migrate each spring to the Moreno Valley area of New Mexico to nest and rear their young. This family nested near Monte Verde Lake in Angel Fire. Their nests are typically situated on the ground, usually on a mound or other slightly elevated site, near water. I have encountered a nest situated in the nook of a roof, however. They prefer a spot from which they can have a fairly unobstructed view in many directions. The female selects the site and does much of nest construction. She adds down feathers and some body feathers beginning after the second egg is laid. She does all the incubation while her mate guards her and the nest.

Both parents diligently tend and raise their young, aggressively defending them, and they will quickly herd their little ones to the sanctuary of nearby water should danger […]

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