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The Eyes Have It

Our ability to see, and capacity for vision, is limited and defined by the physical constitution of our eyes.  Complex organs of our bodies, made up of rods and cones, retinas, lenses, photoreceptors and corneas, eyes provide us — and animals — with vision, the ability to receive and process visual detail.  Eyes detect light and convert it into electro-chemical impulses in the neurons of our brains.  But the eyes are so much more.  They are windows that allow others to peer inside our souls and which reveal emotions — happiness, sorrow, joy, fatigue, excitement!

When I am photographing and observing animals in the wild, I watch their body language.  Mostly though, I look at and watch their eyes.  The eyes of animals are true – they don’t lie, and you can learn so very much about the animals by carefully observing them.  As William Shakespeare once stated, “The eyes are the […]

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Truths and Secrets Revealed Through Images

…a reflection caught in the eye of the subject…

Thank you, Bonney MacDonald, for the following philosophic moment!

I am inspired by a reading recently shared among the Amazing Women of Zapata 2016, entitled “The Sow in the River” by Mary Clearman Blew. Reader’s Digest version synopsis, this reading was basically about trusting memories…that is, whether things we remember, and the way we remember them, are really the way we think they were. “As memory saves, discards, retrieves, fails to retrieve, its logic may well be analogous to the river’s inexorable search for the lowest ground. The trivial and the profound roll like leaves to the surface. Every ripple is suspect.” An interesting dilemma to distinguish between what are memories and what are dreams…and the discernment of an individual as to what really was the truth.

More often than not, we chose to remember things the […]

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Passion – Gettin’ Down and Dirty

In honor of  Valentines Day… I decided to write about passion and gettin’ down and dirty.  That seems appropriate and trust me, not X-rated!

My dad used to tell me that a job worth doing is worth doing well.  That means going the extra yard and putting in a little (or a lot) of effort. In photography, that means more than leaning out the window of your car to take a picture with your smartphone.

At times that translates into getting up before sunrise… suffering the cold, the heat, the wind….climbing a hill a little higher when your muscles already ache… trudging through muck and mire…..getting your feet wet… groveling in the dirt…to get just the right angle in order to refine that moment you have already captured in your imagination.

It means gettin’ down and dirty –which to me is just another description for passion.  You have to LOVE the challenges of […]

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Capturing Moments in Time – You Just Shoulda Been There!


“Well…. you just shoulda been there!”

How many times have you tried to describe a particularly funny or WOW! moment, only to have the listener stare at you with a “deer-in-the-headlights” look, because they simply cannot grasp and mentally imagine what you are describing with mere words?   In exasperation, I ultimately give up and say, “Well…you just shoulda been there….it was really cool!”  (friend shrugs shoulders and walks away questioning my sanity and convinced of my lie telling capabilities….)

Photography captures moments in time that otherwise might not be remembered or adequately described.  How much easier is it to show someone a photo, and then tell the story that goes with it?  (friend looks at photo, face lights up, and friend listens!)

Example 1….Take my little deer friend below.  So I’m telling my friend about this adorable little mule deer whose photo I took from above, and that I didn’t realize until […]

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