Barnes Jewelry Amarillo – Local Community Artist Displays

What a pleasure to have been invited to be a part of a collection of art showings being hosted at Barnes Jewelry!  In support of community artists and to save the arts, Barnesis providing opportunity for local artists to display in their location at 100 Westgate Parkway in Amarillo, Texas.  Watch for more information and announcement from Barnes concerning this wonderful community venture, as more artists join in.  The display of Page Steed/PS Ventures, Inc., however, is already up and ready for viewing!

Stop by and see my select pieces on display, representing a sampling of my wildlife, western, and landscape photographic art.  It includes framed 3-D pieces which create astonishing three-dimensional effect and texture, an innovative process applied to my prints by Ron Wagner and Cody Mitchell at Whitney Russell Printers in Amarillo, Texas.  I know you will enjoy this unique display!  And remember, I can customize my prints for your home or office, to suit your decor.

Also, check out the article in the Amarillo Globe News about the generosity of Barnes Jewelry!

Be sure to stop by and check it out…!  Here is a small sampling of what you’ll see:


On the Hunt (Red-Tailed Hawk – Buteo jamaicensis) Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge Like all raptors, Red-tailed hawks have keen eyesight and binocular vision.  This one is looking at YOU!    [7.5 x 19.5  3-D Print, Framed – $650 FRAMED (unframed 3-D prints – $100)]


Coyote (Canis latrans).  Sugar Loaf Mountain, 10,512’, New Mexico.   This beautifully healthy coyote paused to show of its luxurious winter coat, and posed as we checked each other out.  [18 x 24 stretched canvas – $216 unframed]